SQL Server monitoring does not need to be mission impossible

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Save time and money managing and monitoring your SQL Server estate

Most monitoring solutions give you lots of screens, charts, and information to make sense of. SQLWATCH will save you time by clearly telling you what you need to fix and the risks if you don’t.

Minimise downtime, outages, expensive callouts and data loss

Are you monitoring backups? Great. Are you also monitoring broken backup chains and the frequency of log backups? If not, there is a chance that you may not be able to recover your databases from a backup. Most generic monitoring solutions aren’t designed to monitor SQL Server-specific quirks. Can your monitoring predict when you will run out of disk?

Built with GDPR and security in mind so you can sleep well

We are obsessive when it comes to data security. As far as we know, we are the first SQL Server-centric cloud-based monitoring designed with GDPR in mind. Your data is isolated from others and stored in your preferred geographical location. Not one big database somewhere in the world where all the data lands.

Cloud-based monitoring and management designed for cloud-based Data Platforms

So you’ve moved all your workload to the cloud but still rely on old-school monitoring, which you had to deploy on your own server, or maybe you use an online service that does not tell you anything.

Let us handle this for you. We focus specifically on SQL Server and Microsoft Data Platform so you don’t have to.

Who is monitoring your old-school monitoring servers?

And what if they go down? How much does it cost you? Do you still want to maintain the entire monitoring infrastructure, just so you can monitor something else?

Database monitoring hasn’t changed for years. It still relies on your understanding of all the different charts and graphs. It is 2022, and about time this is addressed. Start using something finally designed for your new and shiny platform. Let us do the hard work so you can focus on the important bits.

Modern monitoring for modern Data Platforms

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need it?

If you use SQL Server, you have databases your business relies on. Perhaps you do not have a DBA or have DBAs but they could spend their time more efficiently rather than monitoring.

SQLWATCH Cloud will save you time as it will give you a clear action plan on fixing your SQL Server.

SQLWATCH Cloud will save you money. You will no longer require a dedicated, expensive SQL Server monitoring solution, and your DBA will be able to focus on what matters.

SQLWATCH Cloud will make you look good in front of your boss, stakeholders or clients. It will provide you with a clear overview of your SQL Server estate and capacity requirements.

What will it give me?

An action plan in the form of a weekly email containing anything that requires your attention that could be trouble if not fixed. Each item will have clear information on the issue and instructions on how to fix it. It is like a SQL Server consultant in your pocket.

Configuration history and change tracking. As we are collecting configuration data, we are able to tell what has changed and when which will help investigate outages and issues.

How does it work?

A small PowerShell script collects data from your SQL Servers and submits it into our secure service. Why PowerShell? Because you probably wouldn’t want to run an arbitrary executable. PowerShell gives you the ability to see what’s happening. Once we get to know each other well, we will move on to a dedicated and purpose written C# data collector.

Once we receive the data, we process and analyse it and let you know what you have to fix.

How secure is it?

Each customer gets its own dedicated data bucket where the data lands. It is never mixed with other customers. Our service does not allow reading data, and therefore only submission is possible. Even if someone gets hold of your secure credentials, they can only send more data but never read it.

Your data is physically located in any of the Azure Locations. If you are in the UK, your data will be stored in the UK. If you are in the USA, your data will be stored in one of the US locations.

We do not collect any user data (i.e the user data held in your databases), only SQL Server-specific configuration data and system data that will not include any PII (Personally Identifiable Information). It will only include object names (servers, databases, tables, indexes, jobs etc.). This is so we can tell you what needs fixing.

The data is encoded before it is submitted via a secure protocol (HTTPS). This ensures that no one can easily see the data whilst it is in transit. Once landed, the data is also encrypted at rest in line with Azure Best Practices and Security Recommendations.

Who are you?

I am the guy behind the original Open Source SQLWATCH.IO and a Microsoft Data Platform MVP.

Is that it?

Absolutely not. There is already work in progress to deliver even more exciting features to help you manage your SQL Server and entire Data Platform. Stay tuned.